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“COCINA MURCIANA 101 RECETAS” by Mary Luz Piñeiro Torres

Written by Ritenis Aksel

“COCINA MURCIANA 101 RECETAS” by Mary Luz Piñeiro Torres


This book  “COCINA MURCIANA 101 RECETAS” is still available in Spain  at the Corte Inglés , La Casa del Libro , Amazon , the website of Editorial Sargantana and small bookstores (Ramón Jiménez (cathedral arcades, Murcia), etc… 

BUT It can also be purchased on Amazon and other sites for non Spanish readers. 


This Book is a compilation of the 101 best traditional recipes from the Region of Murcia.

“It is a gastronomic tour of the different towns in Murcia, on the coast and inland, compiling the most traditional and representative recipes. Recipes from mothers, fathers, grandmothers, neighbors, Gastronomic Peñas, ventorrillos, professional cooks and amateurs … Traditional Murcian recipes updated and written so that anyone who wishes to consult this book knows that they will be perfect, as the one made by the mother, grandmother, the picnic area of ​​the garden or the traditional restaurant.”


Recipes that qualify as true gastronomic jewels that have been updated to make them perfect.

“This is  tribute to the richness and variety of Murcian cuisine visiting its coastal towns, with seafood stews, fish, cauldrons, and soups, passing through the interior cuisine, of crumbs, game meats, porridge, gazpachos and semolina …, not forgetting the huertana cuisine, based on vegetables, corral and farm ingredients, masterfully combined with aromatic herbs, chopped and mashed that give rise to authentic wonders rich in aroma, flavor, and originality.”
As a finishing touch, 17 desserts representative of the Murcian essence and its tradition: alfajores, orange cakes, Blessed Bread from Yecla, sweet potato in sweet…
Recipes that deserve to be preserved and disseminated for the enjoyment of all lovers of good food, roots and updated tradition.

A complete selection that includes the best and most representative Murcian recipes, the best known and also many that are almost in danger of extinction and it is increasingly difficult to find in traditional Murcia restaurants, such as “gurullos”, “semolina“, the “ajoharina“, the “andrajos“, etc ….

Seafood stews, rice dishes, spoon dishes, tapas, empanadas and salty cakes, vegetables and meats, roasts and a complete selection of traditional desserts inherited from the cultures that have passed through Murcia. Recipes that, as a further extension of our work as a gastronomic blogger, have been collected, cooked, photographed, edited and written by me. 

About the Author:

Mary Luz Piñeiro Torres was born in Pontevedra and resides in Murcia (Spain). She studied law. Her professional activity has always been oriented towards cooking and gastronomy.She is Editor  of the gastronomic blog and recipes since 2010.

She also is a Collaborator in the radio station Onda Cero with the gastronomy section “Cuchillito y Tenedor”.Collaborator in regional press, carrying the section “Parasol menu” in the newspaper La Opinión ( Murcia ).Mari Luz is passionate about the world of cooking and everything related to it, she offers cooking and pastry workshops in a Murcia Gastronomic Classroom.

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