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This book  “COCINA MURCIANA 101 RECETAS” is still available in Spain  at the Corte Inglés , La Casa del Libro , Amazon , the website of Editorial Sargantana and small bookstores (Ramón Jiménez (cathedral arcades, Murcia), etc… 

BUT It can also be purchased on Amazon and other sites for non-Spanish residents. 


Delicious cake flavored with homemade birthday and afternoon tea. The cake that everyone likes and always triumphs. Simple to do, it does not need an oven or a special pastry skill, but a little affection and desire to enjoy a delicious homemade cake that can not be bought and given to those of us who most want an unrepeatable sweet moment.
How do you do it?

250 g. softened butter at room temperature, 185 g. common sugar, 150 ml. of coffee (quite loaded), 20 ml. of brandy (optional), 100 ml. of milk, 250 g. of square biscuits toasted. For decoration: granillo almond, chocolate balls and 75 g. dark chocolate for pastries.
1- Dissolve the sugar in the freshly brewed coffee by stirring until completely dissolved.
2- Put the butter in a wide bowl and work it with electric rods until creamy.
3- Gradually add the sugary coffee and continue whisking with the rods. We continue to add the coffee that the butter admits (about 60 ml. approximately in total) and beating to a smooth cream with all the ingredients well integrated and with a fine texture but not too liquid (to be able to spread it later). We reserve the remaining  sugarycoffeeand add the brandy (optional).
4- We tempered the milk in the microwave and added the sugary coffee that we had reserved.
5- Mounting the cake: on the presentation tray we put a little cream of moka smeared (so that the cookies that we put on us do not move).
6- We wet the cookies in the mixture of sugary coffee, milk, brandy and place them aligned 2 in 2 along the tray.
7- On the cookie layer we spread a layer of moka cream and spread it with a spatula trying to cover the cookies perfectly and evenly.
8- Alternate layers of coffee-plated biscuits and layers of mocha cream, up to a total of four layers of cookies. We end up covering with moka cream, trying to cover the entire surface and sides of the cake.
9- We smooth the surface and sides of the cake with a spatula so that we look beautiful and then decorate with chocolate balls,almond granillo and chocolate melted in the Maria bath.
10- We put the refrigerator in the fridge for about 20 minutes and it will be ready to serve.
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