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3 New Year’s Champagnes to avoid FMCG’s!

Written by Aksel Ritenis

I would have to admit that over the years I have “guzzled my share of commercial bubbly” or champagne, so who am I to criticize the stuff that many of us will be celebrating with this very evening?

I am finally becoming a bit more discriminating about what I drink, of course, one can become a little blasé, certainly it is a regular occurrence for such commercial champagnes as Moet&Chandon NV (known locally in Australia as Mo-eee! “Sacre bleu” the champenoise would be horrified at this mispronunciation if they weren’t making so much money!) and Veuve Cliquot NV to be splashed around at various celebrations and events but I can’t help thinking in view of the millions of litres consumed globally, these two LVMH brands are declining in both quality and appeal!

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