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Robert Tateossian’s RARE STONES

Written by Aksel Ritenis

Rare Stones, a collection of 18-carat gold cufflinks, featuring unusual precious and semi-precious stones, finally reaches the finest department stores worldwide.

The brainchild of Robert Tateossian himself, the Rare Stones Collection is a unique, limited edition range that captures the spirit of his adventurous travelling, searching for unusual materials and craftsmanship excellence to shape them in. The cufflinks settings have been worked around the stones – rather than the other way round – to keep them as close as possible to their natural state. The gold in the frames, carved in ribbed filaments, varies in shades – from rose to hue tonalities, to suit and marry beautifully with the stones they carry.

Rutilated quartz bowls in amethyst, citrine and onyx sit alongside a variety of other quartz gems (lemon and smoky quartz) in hand-carved half cones, some with grid locks. The range also introduces very unusual (and always hand-cut) materials, like Brazilian pyrite, valued for its distinctive luminous effect; Goethite, clear with characteristic strawberry pink streaks.

Other alluring pieces include black faceted diamonds and stunning champagne diamonds, contained into rose, satin-finish, geometrical gold frames. Some of the most peculiar pieces are literally “freaks of nature”: fantastic, natural hybrid combinations of two or more different gems.
Most of the creations will come in just a few specimen and the pieces sold in each store will only be one of a kind, thus making every purchase an exclusive one in that country.

A very special and precious collection. A treat for Tateossian’s fans anywhere in the world.

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