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Written by Aksel Ritenis

Jan Dilenschneider in her studio (2013)

For years, Jan Dilenschneider painted in her studio, taking inspiration from the beauty she experienced living on the Long Island Sound. Her still lifes and landscapes were very personal works of art she shared only with her family and close friends.

But when she began winning awards and other recognition, Mrs. Dilenschneider knew her art was no longer just a hobby. It was a way to communicate on a deeper level with a wider audience, and so she started exhibiting her work.

Mrs. Dilenschneider will travel from her home in Darien, Connecticut, to Paris, where an exhibition of 27 of her paintings will take place at Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier at 8, rue Debelleyme in Paris’ historic Le Marais district beginning July 9th. Her work will cover two floors of the gallery; many of the pieces were created especially for the show.

Gallery owner Pierre-Alain Challier said: “Jan Dilenschneider is a gifted painter. We believe Parisian collectors will be drawn to her subtle, yet powerful use of color, and her ability to evoke a strong emotional response to her landscapes and still lifes.”

This isn’t the first time that Mrs. Dilenschneider has shown in Europe. Her still lifes and landscapes were recently featured at Galerie Breheret, another Parisian gallery.

Trained at Ohio State University, the National Academy of Design in New York, the North Shore Art League in Illinois, and the Silvermine Art Center in Connecticut, Mrs. Dilenschneider is also a patron of the arts. She has provided financial support for a new art studio at Ohio State, as well as a visiting artist program for the students. She credits her teachers and her family for encouraging her to express herself through her art, and cites Ralph Waldo Emerson advice to “Make the most of yourself…for that is all there is of you,” as her creed.

Mrs. Dilenschneider wants those who view her work to experience the same emotions as she does when she paints. In her diptych “Misty Days Along the Shore” (30” x 40”, oil on canvas, 2013) she wants the viewer to feel the sea mist and gentle calm. Variation of light is a recurring theme in her paintings, and in this diptych it is the light that enhances the deep purple in the water, the warm, pinkish color of the sky and the vibrancy of the spring green.

“Turbulent Waters (36”x 48” oil on canvas, 2013) invites one to “hear” the rush of the sea water over the rocks, and in comparison feel the calm sea in the misty distance.

Hurricane Sandy provided Mrs. Dilenschneider with an opportunity to capture the rage of the cataclysmic storm in a triptych that depicts the raging waters rising rapidly in front of her home. The abstract painting entitled “Living Through Hurricane Sandy” (36” x 36” acrylic on canvas, 2013) incorporates broad, energetic brush strokes and a juxtaposition of color, mirroring how the landscape was rapidly changing as the storm churned and gained intensity.

Bermuda Sunset 36″ x 36″ Oil on Aluminum

While “Living Through Hurricane Sandy” conveyed the fury of nature, “Bermuda Sunset” (36” x 36”, oil on aluminum”) shows a more tranquil and restful side. Mrs. Dilenschneider owns a home in Bermuda and was drawn to the island because of play of light off the ocean and the serenity of the landscape. The setting sun draws the viewer into the painting as the monumental clouds frame the end of the day.

Golden Pears 30″ x 40″ Oil on Canvas

Equally impressive are her still lifes, including “Golden Pears” (30” x 40” oil on canvas, 2013). She invites the viewer to look beyond the fruit for a deeper meaning. What can the pears tell us of our relationships with each other and the transparency we should strive for in our lives?

Three Pomegranates 30″ x 40″ Oil on Canvas

The brushwork on “Three Pomegranates” (30” x 40” oil on canvas, 2013) conveys the sense that the pieces of fruit are dripping and bleeding into each other. “Chinese Vase with Fruit (30” x 40”, oil on canvas 2013) contrasts the delicate hues of the vase with the strong colors of the fruit.

Chinese Vase with Fruit 30″ x 40″ Oil on Canvas

Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier will publish a catalogue of all the works included in the show. “While I am an American, I believe my work speaks a more universal language and hope that it is well received in Paris. It is the dream of a life time to have my work on display at a gallery as prestigious Pierre-Alain Challier.” said Jan Dilenschneider.

The show will remain on display through the end of July 27.

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