New London Store ‘Lokum Istanbul’ Opens

Written by Aksel Ritenis

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A beautifully designed new London store has opened it’s doors to lover’s of all things from stylish and contemporary Istanbul.

Inspired by the beauty and treasures of her hometown, Zeynep Keyman has been attracted to design since her childhood. Drawing from the surroundings of the Bosphorus, a shore-line dotted with fishing villages, lush woodlands and palaces of the late Ottoman period, she became aware of her innate sense of beauty. Living her life in one of the most scenic areas of Istanbul, where the deep-pink Judas trees reach their zenith in late spring… her passion for sharing this beauty took shape from an early age.

The store is designed by Anouska Hempel and with a modern twist, the new Lokum Istanbul shop encompasses all that is distinctive about the East and Western synergy of Turkish aesthetic. Zeynep has also responded to popular demand from far-flung spots on the globe and taken on the challenge to put her concept of LOKUM Istanbul, online, for the first time ever.

All products at “Lokum Istanbul” reflect the inspiration and passion Zeynep has for her Turkish Culture, and she draws many high profile and international shoppers from the world over. Offering bespoke stationary, fragrances, candles, fabric, silverware and confectionary it is sure to please any Ottoman enthusiast.




Tel .020 7225 0704

Visit this elegant shopping mecca online at

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