Connoisseur’s Guide to Mayfair – London

Written by Aksel Ritenis
{jcomments off}mayfairMayfair, set roughly between Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly and Park Lane, is at the very heart of London.

This area was owned by the Grosvenor family since 1677 and takes its name from the 15-day May Fair, once held here every year. The May Fair moved from Haymarket to the site of today’s Curzon Street and Shepherd Market in 1686 but a century later it was suppressed by the local nobility for lowering the tone of the neighbourhood…. but Mayfair’s expansive and handsome architecture has al­ways attracted the very wealthy.

For nearly 300 years the most influen­tial people in the land have enjoyed its elegant squares, broad Georgian thor­ough fares and beautiful parks. Mayfair also boasts the capital’s most exclusive shops, hotels, restaurants and clubs.

Mayfair is dominated in the north by three large squares: Grosvenor, Hano­ver and Berkeley.

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