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Guide Michelin reveals the richness of Singapore’s gastronomy

Written by Ritenis Aksel

Three stars for the Joël Robuchon restaurant… World’s first stars for Street Food: Michelin reveals the richness of Singapore’s gastronomy

As proof of the high quality of the local and international cuisine in Singapore, the MICHELIN guide awards one restaurant three stars, six restaurants two stars and twenty-two restaurants onestar. Among them, Asian street food and Australian cuisine arise starred for the first time ever.

Michelin announced the first selection of the MICHELIN guide Singapore 2016

Michelin announced  the first selection of the MICHELIN guide Singapore 2016, which reflects the richness of the gastronomic scene in this South East Asian city. “Singapore is a real crossroads of trade and commerce, with multiple culinary influences and repertoire that is enjoyed by both locals and visitors,” comments Michael Ellis, International Director of the MICHELIN guides. “As the city has a worldwide reputation for its street food and a high flying gastronomic scene created by talented young chefs who have emerged over the last few years, here’s where our inspectors have discovered real jewels! ”

This first edition picks out a three star restaurant, Joël Robuchon, where the chef offers refined, contemporary French cuisine in a majestic art deco-inspired dining room. “From the quality of the ingredients – with only the best selected – to the finesse of the cooking,through to the impressive wine list that includes over 1000 references, the experience offered by the chef Joël Robuchon is quite simple exceptional! ” exclaims Michael Ellis. “Each plate is executed with masterful panache, such as poached lobster in a spicy bouillon, or the farmer’s guinea fowl with roast foie gras and each offers gourmets a palette of flavours and memorable intensity of taste”.

Six other establishments obtain two stars in this 2016 edition of the MICHELIN Singapore guide

Six other establishments obtain two stars in this 2016 edition of the MICHELIN Singapore guide: André, where the French trained, Taiwanese chef André Chiang, offers sophisticated, creative cuisine; L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, which offers contemporary French cuisine just like Odette, where fine, elegant creations can be tasted and which was opened only a few months ago by chef Julien Royer and Les Amis, helmed by chef Sébastien Lepinoy. Two other restaurants in this selection are also distinguished by two stars: Shoukouwa, where the Japanese chef relies on high quality ingredients to produce sushi just as one finds in Tokyo, and Shisen Hanten, the Chinese restaurant of chef Chen Kentaro.

Finally, the MICHELIN guide inspectors distinguished 22 one star restaurants, covering all cooking styles and cuisines. Among them, the Candlenut restaurant, where chef Malcolm Lee offers Peranakan cooking, a cuisine popular in Singapore with origins from the Straits of Malacca, combining influences from both Malay and Chinese cultures.

The selection sees world’s first stars for street food - Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle

This selection also sees street food starred for the first time in a MICHELIN guide, with Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle and Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle. Another world first for this edition: Australian cooking obtains a star in the MICHELIN guide with the Osia restaurant, where young chef Douglas Tay, under the direction of Scott Webster, offers creative plates made with Australian and Asian products.

Find the full MICHELIN guide Singapore 2016 selection in both print and digital versions from bookstores islandwide, on the site, or through Michelin’s upcoming app for Apple and Android phones.

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