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The Esmonde Technique

Written by Aksel Ritenis


Sahra Esmonde-White (in blue) leads a class in Essentrics™, a dynamic, 20-minute workout perfect for people of all ages.

The Esmonde Technique presents its body-changing “Essentrics” workout program – used by Olympians. Watching the Summer Olympics from London will inspire many people to begin exercising and what better way to start than with a program used by Olympians.

Created by Sahra Esmonde-White, and based on The Esmonde Technique developed by her mother Miranda Esmonde-White, former ballerina with the National Ballet of Canada, the workout is used to train international models, actresses, pro-athletes and Olympians like Kim St. Pierre, a three-time Olympic Gold Medalist for Hockey; Alex Despatie, Olympic Silver Medalist for Diving; Joannie Rochette, Olympic Silver Medalist for Figure Skating; and Jean Luc Brassard, Olympic Gold Medalist for Freestyle Skiing.



Alex Despatie, who won the Olympic Silver for Diving in Beijing in 2008 representing Canada, uses Essentrics to stay in shape.

Essentrics™ is a dynamic, 20-minute workout based on a 3-D stretch that can get you looking fabulous without pain or boredom – and just in time for summer. By elongating muscles, Essentrics™ eliminates bat wings, saddle bags, thunder thighs, muffin tops, spare tires and all of those other annoying bulges!

Essentrics™ has just launched two new fitness DVDs for home use that present a seamless, flowing workout that simultaneously combines flexibility and strength to create a long, lean and well-balanced body. Perfect for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, the Essentrics™ program includes both toning and stretch workouts with a dynamic and constant fluid motion to keep blood moving through all of the muscles in the body. After each 25-minute workout, fans feel energized, positive and healthy. According to Sahra Esmonde-White, “Exercising doesn’t have to be painful and exhausting to be effective.”

In describing The Esmonde Technique, founder Miranda Esmonde-White said: “I created The Esmonde Technique to simultaneously increase strength and flexibility. “What resulted is a program that’s changed thousands of people’s lives by reversing painful signs of aging, losing tons of weight and getting an attractive body shape.” Miranda’s “Classical Stretch” show is currently the number one fitness program on the PBS Network, airing in more than 150 markets throughout North America.

From Saturday, July 21st to Saturday, July 28, Miranda Esmonde-White will host an exclusive health and weight loss week – perfect for those looking to jumpstart a diet or improve their health at the award-winning Spa Eastman, located one hour from Montreal, Canada. Spa Eastman is the winner of the prestigious Five Continents Award for Top Spa in North America.

To view clips of the new Essentrics™ program“ hosted by Sahra Esmonde-White, as well as to purchase the workout DVDs “Strength & Stretch in Motion” and “Essentrics Class of 2012”, visit the Essentrics website at www.essentrics.com.


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