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Florens 2010 – Development of a Golden Economy

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Written by Aksel Ritenis

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The goal of Florens 2010 is impressive: redrawing the map of Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage and relaunching the golden economy as a driving force for the country’s GDP growth.

Brain-child of Giovanni Gentile, president of Florentine Industrialists, this event – one of the city’s first initiatives in the flight for new-found stability – was created as a response to the global crisis that rocked the world’s economy. It was necessary to find an antidote capable of overturning the recession so that Florence could get back on its feet and dictate its own cultural models. Yet, more than just an idea was needed to make this happen.The plan is based on concreteness and team-work and its aim is to produce real benefits for the economy of Florence and Tuscany in general.

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