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Abama Golf & Spa Resort

Written by Aksel Ritenis


Abama Golf & Spa Resort, an exclusive cliff-top resort in
Tenerife, Spain, operatedbyThe Ritz- Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C., is a one of a kind 5-star European beach destination.Located on the smooth slopes of the Pico del Teide volcano, the highest point in Spain, Abama is an oasis of luxury, surrounded by banana plantations, with its own beach where a sheltered cove of golden sand meets the crystal waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

476 rooms and suites feature design elements that incorporate the use of materials indigenous to the island and African elements and artefacts with the principles of Feng Shui to create a truly unique oasis of luxury and tranquillity. Rooms and suites include 148 villas, housed in a series of buildings that are situated apart from the main hotel, each group of villas has its own private pool overlooking the sea from this unique cliff-top location.

Stprs-terr-8538_copyA Moroccan-style citadel forms the main building and is positioned facing the Teide volcano to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. A “gateway to the sun” offers magnificent views of the sunset across the sea. Rooms are situated on various levels leading down the mountainside providing a maximum number of guests with sea views. All rooms have balconies and private terraces that overlook the pools, gardens and lush landscape.

Colours have been selected to represent and balance the five Chinese elements. The red of the buildings is designed to contrast the green vegetation and the azure water. A Koi Carp pool is home to forty-five vibrantly coloured carp in hues of gold, brilliant orange, yellow, white and blue. The Koi Carp are a special feature at Abama and add a feeling of tranquillity and wonder to guests walking by and to rooms overlooking the pond.

Abama Golf & Spa Resort is a 160-hectare private estate. Guests travel easily from one part ofthe resort to another on chauffer-driven golf carts, which operate regularly. A glass-enclosed funicular lift transports guests down to Abama’s beach and back again. The beach is a beautiful stretch of golden sand surrounded by volcanic rock formations. Guests can explore these formations and swim in natural salt water pools.

7 swimming pools and 2 natural seawater pools provide guests at Abama with ample opportunities to enjoy the sun. Facilities include a main swimming pool and an Adults Only pool in the citadel. In addition, a Persian Garden with its own secluded pool features a replica of the Alhambra fountain. An infinity pool in El Mirador offers cliff-top views of the sea, and the Villas provide guests with their own private pools.

Golf_course_7A Dave Thomas-designed 72-par, 18 hole golf course features lakes, waterfalls and lush landscaping combined with views of the Atlantic Ocean. The course is made up of a diverse terrain that ranges from 78 meters to 315 meters above sea level. A temperate climate allows for year-round golfing and a competitive course that challenges professionals is extensive enough to offer ample opportunities for beginners and golf lovers of all levels to enjoy the sport.

Abama Spa is a world-class destination spa with an African influence that offers the traditional Roman spa circuit hot and cold facilities, which include: Turkish and Roman baths, an African sauna with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, herbal steam baths, a rehydration pool, a World of Showers and an Igloo. A Garden Spa relaxation area with its own outdoor massage bungalow that allows the sea breeze and sunlight to enter within the privacy of white Egyptian cotton screens. A full range of spa treatments, classes and wellness programmes, including Abama Total Wellness, are offered in this 2,500m2 (26,500 square foot) space with natural aromatherapy products and locally-sourced products from the island including bananas and aloe vera. Abama introduces Abama Total Wellness, a new way of understanding health and wellbeing which consists of a tailored diagnostic programme that evaluates guests’ current health state to create a recommended wellbeing programme. Guests’ can choose from a 7-Day or a 3-Day programme.

Seven tennis courts overlook the golf course, the sea. The famous Spanish tennis pro duo Emilio Sánchez and Sergio Casal give name and overlook the Sánchez Casal Tennis Academy at Abama. Tennis enthusiasts of all levels can benefit from professional tennis training and can sign up for individual classes or a tennis holiday that includes fitness training and physical conditioning depending on their level of interest in the sport.

BeachClub1327Dining options range from casual to elegant and Abama’s choice of 10 restaurants includes beachside, poolside and golf clubhouse dining. “El Mirador” serves seafood with magnificent views of the Atlantic, Pampa -Verona serves Italian and Argentinean cuisine, “Abama Kabuki,” is overseen by Spanish chef Ricardo Sanz whose Madrid-based Kabuki is known as the best Japanese restaurant in Spain. M.B Restaurant has been awarded a Michelin Star in the 2010 Michelin Guide. M.B is the signature restaurant of Basque four Michelin star chef Martin Berasategui. This recognition sets Abama apart with a new level of fine dining unique to the Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands, located on the Tropic of Cancer, are known for their temperate climate. Abama is located on the sunniest part of the island of Tenerife and enjoys an annual average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius and more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in Spain. This ideal temperature allows for year-round golf, tennis and outdoor activities.

A broad range of leisure activities cater to luxury travellers of all ages with a wide range of interests. Located within close proximity to most European airports; Abama is ideal for weekend getaways as well as extended visits. An extensive offering of activities varies daily and provides both long and short-term guests with ample opportunities to explore the surrounding island and enjoy their leisure time to the full. AL05-Habitacion-Abama-bDaily activities range from cooking classes with Abama chefs, wine tastings and various wellness activities. Tenerife is home to a diverse mix of aquatic wildlife and is a scuba diver’s paradise. The hotel may organise snorkelling and scuba diving lessons. Tenerife is located in close proximity to one of the best whale watching locations in the world. Abama offers several whale and dolphin-watching trips every week.

The Kids’ Club: Club Abami, sets this resort apart in its diverse offering of activities for children of all ages allowing families to thoroughly enjoy their holiday with each other whilst exploring their own interests. Baby Abami is a new babysitting service for children under 3 years of age within Club Abami that provides careful supervision of infants by experienced and well-trained staff members. The Kids’ Club is open from 10:00am – midnight with a schedule that changes daily and offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Baby Abami is available to children ages 6 – 36 months and operates from Tuesday – Sunday from 10:00am – 6:00pm.

Abama Golf & Spa resort is a large leisure investment, approximately 200 million euros, built in Spain to date. Its unparalleled facilities and surroundings make it a truly unique European luxury beach resort on a tropical island paradise.


ADDRESS: Carretera General, TF 47, Km 9, 38687 Guía de Isora, Tenerife, Spain
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