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Weingut Stadt Krems

Weingut Stadt Krems
Written by Aksel Ritenis
Weingut Stadt KremsWeingut Stadt Krems is in a class by itself: the enterprise is owned by a municipality. On the one hand, this implies an obligation to provide a model for all the vineyards in the region. On the other hand, the enterprise is subject to all the plans of the municipal administration. This position makes managing a vineyard especially challenging. Historically, Weingut Stadt Krems arose from two sources. The first source is the property of the Burgerspitalstiftung. In 1210, Duke Leopold IV of Babenberg founded a publicē hospital in Krems and left important legacies to it, including vineyards. The second source was the generous bequest of the imperial Burggrave of Krems, Ulrich von Dachsberg, who presented the town with vineyards in 1452.

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