Muthus Curry House Singapore

Muthus Curry House
Written by Aksel Ritenis
Muthus Curry HouseMuthu’s is a local institution that is synonymous with one local delicacy, fish head curry, a giant fish head floating in a huge portion of delicious curry soup, its eye staring and teeth grinning. The cheek meat is the best part of the fish, but to be truly polite, let your friend eat the eye. The list of accompanying dishes is long and includes crab masala, chicken biryani, and mutton curry, with fish cutlet and fried chicken sold by the piece. We’re not talking the height of dining elegance here, but Muthu’s really has come a long way since its simple coffee shop opening, with its recent shift to newer, larger digs, with matching tables and chairs! I miss the old grotty ambience, but still it’s a good place to try this dish.

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