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Champagne is Art

Champagne is Art
Written by Aksel Ritenis
Champagne is Art Champagne is synoymous with celebrating. It comes in many styles, but true champagne comes only from the region of the same name. The very name “Champagne” denotes celebration. We serve it at weddings to celebrate newlyweds. We launch ships with it, not to mention bringing in the New Year!
By the 1870’s Paris was a gaudy mélange of posters; they were pasted to kiosks, train stations, buildings, carriages and pissoirs. They advertised everything: sport­ing and cultural events, new products, political protests, book publications and beautiful women.
In France, the poster quickly became an art form.

LA BELLE EPOCH 1890-1914

Champagne poster - Joseph Perrier “The beautiful time”, and the height of French poster fever and fashion. In 1891 Toulouse-Lautrec’s first poster, Moulin Rouge, boosted the status of the poster from ephemera to fine art. Posters took over the cities of Europe, with subjects that varied from country to country. In France, the café was the center of life. Some Parisians ate three times a day at cafés, where they drank and people watched with their meals. Absinthe, champagne and other alcoholic beverages were the main advertising topics.

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