Bullfighting In Spain

Written by Aksel Ritenis

bullfighting-spainThis sport is considered to be very national, and maybe that is the reason why it is so hard to understand and feel for the non-spaniards. Bullfighting has been organised in Portugal and Southern France as well, but only Spain is reputed to be the true home of Corrida and even now it is arousing interest and clamour all over the world.

· Muleta – a little red cloth pulled tight on a stick
· Capote – the red cape
· Paseillo – the combatant’s parade at the beginning of the show
· Corrida – the bullfighting show
· Espada – the matador’s sword, also called Estoque
· Matador – the main combatant
· Novilladas – the novice bullfight
· Rejoneadores – the combatants on horses
· Toril – a particular place in the arena where the bulls are kept
· Picador – the combatant who tires the bull before the matador’s entrance
· Banderillas – thorny spears with coloured handles that are run into the bull’s body
· Puntilla – a dagger that is run into the base of the bull’s cranium ·
Puerta grande – the main door of the arena
· Gradas – the highest and cheapest seats at the upper part of the arena
· Barreras – the most expensive front seats in the first rows
· Sol / Sombra – the sun / the shade – the seating choice
· Plaza de Toros – the arena of the bullfight

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