Connoisseur’s Guide to Spain’s best tapas bars in San Sebastian

Written by Aksel Ritenis
tapasIn this article we offer some of the most popular Spanish dishes from the Tapas menu. The Tapas Bar is an all services bar!
San Sebastian has an increasing reputation as the world’s leader in gastronomic discoveries. It has been awarded with the highest number of Michelin stars amongst all Spanish cities and it is here that you can find the most varied choice of fresh tapas appetizers. San Sebastian is a pintxo paradise. Venues alternatives seem unlimited, but here the art of bar appetizers has been developed to perfection – trays with appetizing goods are placed on the counters.

The average cost of tapas appetizers is from 1 to 4 euros depending on their size and quality. The warm pintxos usually cost more than the cold ones. You will find the most delicious ones in no time but to make the search easier and faster we have added the description of some places to start with.

Bar Txepetxa
Calle de la Pescaderia 5

“Txepetxa” has won various prizes for its anchoa (anchovies) pinxtos, a list of which is placed behind the counter. You can order any appetizers from this large variety of anchoa pintxos on the spot.

Tapas barBar Aralar
Calle del Puerto 10

This bar offers excellent pintxos that are very popular amongst the bar’s clientele. They are particularly the favourites amidst French gastronomes.

Bar La Cepa
Calle de 31 de Agosto 7

“La Cepa” whose main interior decorations are wooden tables and the topsides suspended from the ceiling, offer some of the best jamón jabugo (highest quality ham) in the city.


Calle de 31 de Agosto 11

This is a very popular choice amongst locals and tourists and even though there might be some difficulties getting through the crowd to the counter, it is worth it. When we were at this bar, the chefs were creating miracles from summer squash and crabs.

Bar Ganbara
Calle de San Jeronimo 24

This is a small bar that is a favourite amidst locals. It pleases with a wide range of qualitative appetizers.

tapasCasa Vaklles
Calle de los Reyes Catalicos 10

This bar which is situated south from the cathedral is an unpretentious place where pintxos, raciónes (large tapas portions) and the nourishing bocadillos are enjoyed at a common table.

There are some outstanding offers across the river in Gross, among them “Bar Bergara” (Calle de Berminghama s/a), “Bar Alona Berri” (Calle de Berminghama 24) and Bar – “Patio de Ramuntxo” (Calle de Pena y Gonl 10); the latter has won countless prizes for its pintxos.


Hot and spicy dish made from tomatoes and fresh chili.

Fresh avocado, onions, garlic and tomatoes.

Patatas Bravas
Fried potatoes with the spicy red chili on top, bacon and tomato sauce.

Tortilla Espanola
Traditional Spanish omelet with potatoes, peppers and onions.

Green chili peppers mixed with cheese sour cream and fried in a crunchy layer.

Chorizo Espanola
Traditional Spanish sweet pepper slices and Spanish garlic sausage.

Pimentos con Queso
Red pepper (paprika) stuffed with soft goat’s cheese.

Pan de Ajö
Four oven-roasted garlic slices and vegetable bread slices.

Egg and garlic baked bread
The famous “egg” bread sopped in the pan in a delicious egg ang garlic mixture.

Pollo Alas
Roasted fresh chicken breasts.

Pollo al Chillindron
Pieces of chicken roasted with tomatoes, fresh peppers (paprika), chili and aromatic spices.

Chorizo Al Pimentos
Spanish sausage in a tomato, pepper and onion sauce.

Croquetas De Pollo
Chicken croquettes, Serrano ham, mashed potatoes, spices and ground pepper.

Croquetas De Manchego
Spanish goat’s cheese croquettes, sweet pepper, spring onions, thyme and parsley.

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