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Mission Statement for Connoisseur Magazine

What are we about at Connoisseur Magazine? The original Connoisseur Magazine was created in 1901, a periodical and chronicle for collectors and investors in fine art...

Marina Ibiza a 5-Star port

Marina Ibiza certified as one of the 9 '5-Star' ports in the world. Awarded by the IMCI, International Marine Certification Institute, is the highest award that a port can receive.

Marina Ibiza Sponsor of the Ibiza Charity Polo

Marina Ibiza sponsors the first Ibiza Charity Polo Cup, for the benefit of the Spanish Association against Cancer.

Villa Michaela

Nestling in 50 acres of olive groves, pine clad hills and gardens Villa Michaela is a magnificent 18th century villa in the Lucca foothill village of Vorno with 12 large

Connoisseur’s Guide to Spanish Wine and Sherry

“How to get a handle on Spanish wine and culture in double quick time”

Butler And HNW Lifestyle Book

To be published next spring, this new textbook will be an invaluable guide to students looking for a career in the luxury hospitality, private service and super yacht industry...

American Artist To Exhibit In Paris

For years, Jan Dilenschneider painted in her studio, taking inspiration from the beauty she experienced living on the Long Island Sound.

Moma Presents - Le Corbusier: An Atlas Of Modern Landscapes

Le Corbusier (Charles-Edourad Jeannert) (1887-1965) was the world’s first global architect ...

The Darling Hotel - Star City

One of Sydney’s newest five star hotels, The Darling at The Star, has won world-wide acclaim and numerous awards and accolades.


Everybody has a watch, but not everybody sports a $44,900, 18kt white gold, Patek Philippe Twenty-4. Everybody drinks out of a glass, but not everybody sips sundowners...

Connoisseur Wine Masterclass

Evaluating The Bouquet. After assessing the appearance of the wine it is necessary to evaluate the aroma or bouquet of the wine.

Beauty Entrepreneur Supporting Animal Welfare

CEO and Founder of PRAI Beauty, a global luxury skincare company knew that she wanted to channel some of the profits into a foundation that helped animals

Zarina: Paper Like Skin

If you like only brash art that slams you in the face to make its point, the exhibition, “Zarina: Paper Like Skin,” is not for you. If you prefer subdued


A great restaurant overlooking the water at Circular Quay, with unsurpassable views of the majestic Harbour Bridge and the iconic Opera House.

Saratoga Springs - A trip back in time

Saratoga Race Track opens on Friday, July 20th featuring the finest racing in the country.

Moorish Magnificence

The distinctive architecture of Morocco and Islamic design principles - All of these Moorish charms are waiting to be discovered in the cities of Morocco

San Daniele Ham

A journey for the taste buds, the union of San Daniele Ham and Friuli wine.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Sands SkyPark

Hotel, Dining, Shopping & Entertainment - All in one!

http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/550149Connoisseur_Spring_magazine_Mock_up_no_border.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/116102Marina_Ibiza_big.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/187310Marina_Ibiza_Polo_Match_big.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/113526Villa_Michaela_big.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/577109wine_compilation.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/674407ButlerBookSavoyMorpho_4.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/218347Dilenschneider_Chinese_Vase_with_Fruit_big.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/840567moma_lecorbusier_marseille_big.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/472085The_Darling_The_Star.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/753471Patek_Philippe_Sky_Moon_Tourbillon_new.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/813102winesniff_slide.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/334512cathysliding.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/378462Zarina_Dividing_Line.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/357185DSCF5098_slide.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/931867saratoga20123_slide.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/788466MoorishMagnificence.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/306820ham_leg_230.jpg http://www.connoisseur-magazine.com/components/com_gk2_photoslide/images/thumbm/626894The_Club_at_Marina_Bay_Sands_Fslide.jpg

Arts & Culture

‘Les Trois Garçons’

News image

‘Les Trois Garçons’-CHRISTIE'S Auction 5th March       South Kensington, Londo...

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News image

2014 EXHIBITION AND EVENT PROGRAMME   The following provides summary information of the m...

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Connoisseur Magazine Review: Porto

News image

Port wine is the most famous representative of fortified wine, and it comes from valley of the Duero river in the north of Portugal. Here, on rocky terraces that are "incandesced by the hot sun",it is possible to grow grapes with...

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Penedes Wine and Gastro Tour

News image

Amazingly Penedes is only an hours drive from Barcelona and it is one of the best wine producing areas in the world. The Cava production is centred around the town of Villafranca. Penedes has indigenous varieties and does exceedingly well wi...

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Arts Hotel Barcelona

News image

Managed by the Ritz-Carlton chain, this magnificent beachfront hotel occupies 33 floors in one of Barcelona's tallest landmark skyscrapers, directly facing the sea and the Vila Olímpica, 2.5km northwest of Barcelona's historic core. The decor is contemporary and the sp...

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  • Ferran Adrià

    Ferran Adrià Acosta is considered to be one the best chefs in


Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop

News image

When I told my teenager about the new exhibition at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art which is called, in part, “Faking It: Manipulated Photography,” she looked at me as if I had two heads and asked, “Isn’t that just Ph...

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Approaching Abstraction: Modernist Art from India

News image

At the Rubin Museum of Art, New York Among the most distinctive, smaller museums in New York, the Rubin Museum of Art is recognized as the premier museum of Himalayan art in the Western world.  Located at 150 West 17th Street ...

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Ellsworth Kelly: Plant Drawings

News image

It is September 1961. Ellsworth Kelly studies a castor bean, one growing in a container on his rooftop in lower Manhattan, perhaps. The personality of this particular plant attracts him. After examining it carefully, he renders one of its leaves in ...

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